The Stony Brook that runs through Avalon Acres


Please join Laurie Babineau (aka “Gull”) and Mary Katherine Spain to experience a February New Moon Blessing of the Waters (Nee Bee Wah Bow)as taught by the Elder-Women of the Algonquin nation tribe of Canada on Sunday, January 30th from 12 Noon to 3 PM. 

As the Lakota charged at Standing Rock, ‘Water is Life.’ Without water, nothing grows. And without water, nothing can be truly cleansed. 

We know that our connection to Mother Earth’s many faces and seasons is critical to re-establish the powerful healing that the Earth needs as well as the healing of all of her inhabitants. Doing ceremony with our devotion and attention to her precious element of water is part of that work. 

Gull will share the history of how this song came to be sung at this time of year and why. We will create sacred space together, decorate and initiate our Birch “singing sticks” and explore the emotional waters we may be holding of living in difficult times.

As this particular New Moon in Aquarius is so very close to the Celtic cross-quarter day of Imbolc, Mary Katherine will blend a little Irish mythology into the ceremony by lighting the fire to honor Brigid, the Goddess who rules Imbolc and starts her great return to Earth on Feb 2nd. 

*This event is free; we only ask for a small donation toward gas money for Gull. 

The Dets!

___Bring your WHOLE self, your singing voice, and appropriate clothing choices for January in Maine (although we will NOT be outside the entire time) 

___Bring a comfy camp chair to set up in the barn, where we will create our sacred circle together

___Bring an item for the altar. It may represent hope for the new earth, water, the feminine, or things associated with water (shells, fountains, river stones-)

___Bring a small jar filled with non-tap water from where you reside. We’ll blend these together as part of the ceremony and you’ll go home with some super charged water to use in whatever ritual you see fit!

___Bring your water bottle, drum and/or rattle, offerings to the land (tobacco is grand)

Questions? Email MK at ninepillarshealing@gmail.com or call/text her at 207-939-6863 

We hope you’ll join us! As we build our attendee list, more specific details will be shared with those coming.