Telling a New Story to Create a New You: How to Soulfully Move Into the Aquarian Age

Tuesdays from 6:30 – 7:45 PM (starts on May 11th) via ZOOM

Are you feeling the shift? Yes, that Big One away from derision and separateness and towards the reshaping of the New You

Have you denied your own self-hood because you have spent way too much time trying to please other people, trying to succeed in a system that doesn’t always celebrate the feminine qualities of your humanness such as intuition, caring for each other in a meaningful way, and sacred service?

YOUR SOUL CAME HERE TO SHARE ITS GIFTS. Not to deny or compete or limit.  Because our SOUL houses our ego (and not the other way around), our SOULS will carry ANY STORY we choose to tell it. It is time to tell yourself a NEW STORY.

We are no longer “awaiting” the collapse of the patriarchy; we are in it. The choice before all of us is this: Will we actively participate in the expansion of consciousness or will we be pulled along kicking and screaming, attempting to hold on to what we’ve always known?

Depending on What Has Been leaves no room to Dream Big. With the advent of the Aquarian Age, it’s time to think outside of the box, color outside the lines, and allow yourself to act in a way that serves your joy and aligns with your purpose.

Women inherently know how to ‘pivot’ because we are flexible by nature—physically, emotionally, spiritually. Anyone who is paying attention can tell you that Woman is having her day. Only it’s not A Day, or an Hour-On-Stage.

It’s the new paradigm: The expression of the Feminine is helping to pave the way to Unity Consciousness. The patriarchy is not being replaced with a Matriarchy but rather a Multi-archy.

So don’t miss it. The energies that are pouring (pouring!) into the Earth field at this time are helping us to move out of rigid structures and away from the top-down model of doing life to an ever-expansive, more inclusive and frankly more celebratory REMEMBERANCE that we are here to express our soul’s gifts.

That is why you are here at this time. That is why you chose to come here.

In this WEEKLY OFFERING, we will discuss:

___Ways to engage with our soul in order to leave ego-centric anxiety and judgement behind (For good!)

___Witnessing as Soul-Crafters to create a safe, sacred container through deep listening

___How to devise rituals for self-renewal and sovereignty to the soul (an ongoing process!)

___Ways to Stretch our capacity to be vulnerable

___How to embody the 9 Pillars of the Divine Feminine


___Be based on the 9 Pillars of the Divine Feminine as they were transmitted to me by Athena

___Be shamanic in nature, often tapping into the help and support of my guides to guide you

___Be co-created. ANYONE who is waking up at this time has something to say. We will listen respectfully to any and all “downloads” that come to participants

This series is being offered EVERY WEEK for 6 WEEKS, starting on Tuesday May 11th, 2021. The cost is a sliding scale of $9-21 per class. I am making this affordable for ALL because I am being strongly guided to create this type of space for anyone wanting to be a more active participant in the paradigm shift. Email me to register:

At the end of the 6 weeks, we will hold a fire ceremony at my home in Hollis (date TBD). Those who are not in Maine are encouraged to hold their own fires wherever they dwell.

Remember: You came here to TAKE UP SPACE in a way that is transformational. If you are “ALL DONE” holding onto fear-based thinking and denying your selfhood, then YOU ARE READY to move into 5-D Consciousness. The process is not easy and you deserve guidance and support.

The Southside of Avalon Acres, where we will hold our fire ceremony to conclude this series