The 9 Pillars

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Human beings are imbued with both archetypal energies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. We carry these essences inside of us; some of the aspects might be distorted or dim while others might be in need of a complete overhaul. Collectively, I believe that the Divine Masculine is extremely imbalanced at the present time. As part of the process to bring balance back to the planet and to human relations, we are being called to reclaim the energies of the Divine Feminine, in part to heal the Divine Masculine.

nine pillars altar
The 1st Nine Pillars Event, 12-12-2018, Mechanics Hall, Portland, ME

One aspect of the distorted expression of the Divine Masculine is dualistic thinking and formation. The nature of dualistic formation initiates the ego in its function to separate, pair down and decide whether a person or experience is safe or not safe, good or bad, helpful or threatening.

This function feels good to the ego but not so much to the soul and spirit.

As complex human beings, we are not only made up of ego, but also of soul and spirit. However, the ego tends to have the first and last words in determining the quality of our experience in our day-to-day lives. The ego’s job is to keep us safe which it does by upholding the dualistic formation of our reality and exerting value judgments on everything we come into contact with.

Although it is important to feel safe, soul and spirit yearn for their expressions to be recognized in the material world as well. Historically, these expressions have been carried out in churches, monasteries and temples, at weddings, funerals or other significant ceremonies.

The opportunity for the soul and spirit to play a more pronounced role in our lives is starting to emerge in various and dynamic ways. When we are more connected to ourselves and each other, we tend to be less judgmental and forgo the blame/shame game. When we feel safe, content, cared for and able to experience empathy, the ego can begin to fade back, allowing these different, more soulful expressions to arise.

Pillar #1: “Cultivate deep woman-to-woman friendships. Witnessing is powerful and transformative. Cat fights are over. Don’t compete with each other…”

As someone who regularly contemplates how to re-condition ego and neutralize its drive for separation, I am always asking for guidance on how to live more soulfully. One of my monthly rituals is to seek guidance around the New Moon to see what “seeds” need planting for my highest good. In October of 2018, I received a powerful invitation to “re-awaken and disseminate the knowledge of the Mysteries.” I happily embraced this charge and was given the 9 Pillars of the Divine Feminine, a how-to guide in manifesting knowledge of the Feminine, of the Body, of the Earth, and of Old Wisdom—a remembrance and reclaiming of ancient ways that were pushed underground when the collective Divine Masculine began its journey to throw life out of balance.

In my work, I am committed to up-holding, exploring and teaching the 9 Pillars as I understand them. They are sacred instructions in how to embody the Divine Feminine and re-awaken the mysteries of being human.

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