Beltane Fire Festival: Yoga As Prayer

The fire festival of BELTANE on May 1st commences the season of LIGHT.  The ancient Celts revered fire and deemed it a potent, magical element…

Being as such, transformation and “burning out” residue of unhealthy, unhelpful energies is available! A ‘purification’ process awaits! 

The festival of Beltane also ushers in the themes of fertility, fairy activity, passion, and being connected to the body and to Mother Earth, who witnesses our dance and hears our deepest desires. Are you ready to be seen? 

YOGA IS PRAYER. At Beltane, we have an opportunity to re-direct our focus into what is blooming and coming alive in our bodies…what a vehicle of beauty!

What better way to enhance this special holiday than with the prayerful act of yoga around a ceremonial fire!

The act of prayer, of opening the heart in devotion and gratitude for All That Is, works to ritualize our lives and brings hope to the collective…

Gathering in a sacred way outside under the loving gaze of maple, pine, birch and apple trees,  stokes the fires of transformation and healing. Together, we collide with the natural world and sanctify our hearts and the land beneath our feet! 

Come Join Us! 

WHEN: Beltane, Sunday May 1st, 2022 from 10 AM- 12 NOON 

WHERE: Avalon Acres, 167 Mansion Rd., Hollis, ME 04042

Co-facilitated by: Jacqueline Boudreau, Owner of Element Yoga & Wellness and Plant-Medicine Apprenticeships and Mary Katherine Spain, Owner of 9 Pillars Healing and co-founder of Avalon Acres

What To Bring: Yoga mat and towel; water bottle; offering for the fire such as dried flower petals or tobacco (if you are called); an open heart! Snack for closing fellowship  

COST: $36, remit payment to Venmo or Paypal to save your spot; questions may be directed to Mary Katherine at ninepillarshealing@gmail.com or 207-939-6863

To close our sacred circle, Jacquie and Mary Katherine will lead a despacho, or “prayer bundle,” ceremony. Together, we will burn and release  ALL OF OUR PRAYERS in one beautiful bundle in the Beltane Fire.