SATURDAY FEBRUARY 5th, 2022, 1 PM- 4 PM:

Singing the Water Song Ceremony! Are you looking for the Blessing of the Waters Ceremony which had to be rescheduled from Jan 30th? Click here!


CLICK MY HEALS : (Thurs evenings from 7- 8 PM, 02/24 to 03/31)

Wearing the crown of sacred knowledge comes with certain responsibilities. How do we as Torch Bearers continue to provide guidance, wise-pointing and inspiration to our communities? If you have answered the call to teach, heal, be a change agent, or show others their spiritual inheritance, how will your medicine be dispersed in the years to come?

Are your gifts getting stronger, stranger, more erratic or magically more efficient? Are the quantum leaps we’ve all heard about for so long actually happening to you?

How will your psychological position, ie. how you see yourself, your work and your medicine manifest in new and different ways in these changing times? If you are here to Awaken–yourself and others–you’re getting an upgrade right now! How will you navigate those transitions?

It is in our collective power that we might glimpse a New Earth, and embrace our jobs as midwives for the ever-present birthing process. CLICK MY HEALS is the outlet to 1)Be a Witness to others on this path, 2) Be more “fit” for the velocity at which change is happening, 3) Be Seen, Supported and Encouraged by those like you

Class runs every Thursday from 7 PM-8 PM, starting on 02/24 through Thursday 03/31 and is for practicing shamanic teachers and healers, light workers, seeders, path makers and anyone who is bearing a steady gaze on the intense and magnificent changes happening to consciousness at this time.

In the spirit of Aquarius, we will share ideas, learn from each other, commit to Wakeful Witnessing [none of this “you got this” empathy blockers]. There will be presentations and topics for discussion, some writing prompts (and sharing), collaborative rituals (and some to do at home), movement and guided visualizations and/or journeying. Class will culminate in an activation ceremony on Friday, April 1st, at Avalon Acres in Hollis. *For those unable to physically be present for the Activation, Mary Katherine will hold a private ceremony for you.*

COST: $10 per class (suggested donation) *Making this class affordable to as many practitioners as possible is my intention as I see the coming wave of upgrades and changes to be very swift* [class will take place on-line, via ZOOM]

Unsure if this is right for you? Send Mary Katherine an email with your interest and curiosity at:

Together, we can dream a new world into BEING…

Come Dream with Me…