I believe a vibrant community that takes care of each other is one who shares–information, resources, ideas, stories of trial and triumph! Please check out some of my favorite and most trusted guides, practitioners, teachers and torch bearers!

Martha Williams Yoga, Shamanic Guidance and Healing

Eva Goulette Founder of Spirit Camp, geared to honor your child’s spiritual development

Terry Morgan Astrologer, Shamanic Teacher and Fire Tender 

Katherine Vilnrotter Human Givens Practitioner and Sound Healer 

Lucille Meltz, Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Hand Analyst, Author

JoAnn Dowe Artist, Singer, Polarity Therapy, Shamanic Practitioner 

Troi Boulanger Counseling and Reiki

Debra Bluth Flower Essence Practitioner and Herbalist 

Karen Macgeorge Tarot, Lifestyle Consultant, Homeopathic Medicine

Kelly Worster, Gentle Chiropractic Care

Aline Potvin Naturopathic Medicine