Healing Services

Enlightened Energy Work

Mary Katherine uses reiki as well as her extensive shamanic skills to re-balance, re-charge and re-vitalize your body’s innate healing abilities and intelligence. Energetically transforming, EEW sessions include fifteen to twenty minutes of integration and discussion to explore any messages Mary Katherine has received during the session as well as any “spiritual homework” the client may be invited to pursue. To read a more detailed description of this work, click here

1st Time New Client (90 minutes): $75

Returning & Established Clients (75 minutes): $65

Tune-Ups for Established Clients (30-40 minutes): $50

Soul Retrieval

At various times during our lives, we endure certain experiences that are traumatic to our bodies and psyches. These unfortunate events also fracture our souls. Soul retrieval is the act of recovering soul essences that have been lost due to trauma. This is a very powerful and sacred ceremony, requiring a different preparation than other healing services and is only offered to established clients. To read more about soul retrieval, please click here 

Established Client (90-120 minutes): $125

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Ceremony & Ritual

Have you ever wanted to celebrate a triumph or milestone? Create sacred space for witnessing loss or grief? Is there a gnawing uncertainty hovering around you as you try navigating the post-divorce life, empty-nest, or absence of your partner who has passed? Performing ceremony and ritual can be greatly beneficial to anyone who feels a need to kick-start their spirit into their new-normal or perform the celebration that needs soulful crafting.

Depending on preparation and materials as well as travel cost and additional practitioners (if needed): $50-150, sliding scale

Distant Enlightened Energy Work

The benefits of distant energy work can be just as powerful as in-person. Certain requirements of the client are needed such as an undisturbed, quiet space and time for discussion and integration after the transmission. Some clients opt for this session who do not drive or who live a distance from Portland

Fees are the same as in-person however truncated sessions (45 minutes) are available for a reduced fee