“There is no doubt in my mind Mary Katherine is a truly gifted healer. My first session was both deeply relaxing and full of treasures, including clearing of stagnant energies, retrieval of a lost soul essence (which was so timely to welcome back now), and many intuitive messages that hit home. She was present, sensitive and gentle, and also generously thorough in relaying the information that came through, with supplemental recommendations and resources. I am profoundly grateful and highly recommend her services.”

~Andrea Wenger, TN

“Mary Katherine spoke to my heart through her vision. She carried a message from a departed loved one that was what I needed to hear and was his words, no one else’s. I was also introduced to my totem through Mary Katherine and my personal insights have been rapidly expanding since then. It was a valuable and precious exchange for me.”

~Katy B., Fort Collins, CO

“Mary-Katherine and I were brought together through work. We knew very little about each other but I immediately felt a connection to her after a short series of small interactions. On an event we were working at together in the fall of 2014 I was complaining about my wrist being very sore (I also suffer from some lower back pain). On our break from work she told me she did some Reiki therapy. She worked first on my back and asked me if I had some changes happening in my life. Little did she know my parents were moving apart and I was about to depart on a 2.5 year journey overseas. She worked on my back for some time and then my wrist. Nearly minutes later I felt relaxed and virtually pain free. Not only did she use her healing powers to help my physical pain, Mary-Katherine has an indescribable light about her–from the way she listens, to the way she speaks and interacts with others, to her overwhelming compassion and interest in the human condition. Needless to say, I would recommend a visit with this remarkable woman who I admire deeply.”

~Emma Goldbas, Cape Elizabeth, ME

“I have known Mary Katherine as a student for almost a decade and have found her to be a highly dedicated, creative and gifted healer.   She approaches her clients with reverence and works from a place of deep compassion and unconditional love.  That, plus her “joie de vivre,” which enhance her gifts and talents make her effective and trustworthy.”

~Dory Cote, Shamanic Healer and Teacher, Brunswick, ME

“For those of us who deal with pain every day, there is no such thing as an easy way out. Whether it is disease or trauma, we just want the pain to stop but it’s hard to know where to turn to for healing. A seemingly physical pain may be caused by fear, emotional wounds or spiritual crisis. How can we see clearly when we feel confused and so vulnerable? Through Reiki and Mary Katherine’s gift to see the places we cannot look into through her shamanic practice, avenues and obstacles come into light that present hope where there was none. She moves without fear and brings back a hope that is so elusive when suffering forces us into hiding. Through the transition of victim to survivor, she levels the playing field and restores hope with her passion to ease the suffering of others and ultimately restore and bring forward those who put their trust in her devotion to healing.”

~ Paul Luise, Limington, ME

“Mary Katherine has done divination journeys on my behalf and the messages and information she received for me was just what I needed to hear at the time.”

~ Terry M., Brunswick, ME

“The first time I met Mary Katherine Spain, I experienced an immediate recognition of a person with deep spiritual roots and strong healing energy. Now, having sat in circle with her numerous times, my experience with her healing skills and shamanic abilities has expanded my initial response to her and I have added compassion, intuition, and genuine concern for others to a long list of positive attributes this wonderful woman embodies.”

~Barbara Bloecher, Shamanic Healer and Teacher, Fisherville, KY

“Mary Katherine is one of the most gifted healers I have ever encountered.  Her intuition, sensitivity and connection to spirit are second to none.  I find her presence to be soothing and grounding, and I can always trust that when she has completed a session with me, I will feel revitalized and nurtured. “

 ~Eva Goulette, Waterville, ME

“Mary Katherine is beyond wonderful! I knew that I was ripe for change and wanted some balance in my life, and I knew that I had some “run of the mill” skeletons in the closet. None-the-less, I’m not sure I totally knew what outcome I had hoped for. Well, I got everything and more!!!!! She saw ME. She shifted my stucked-ness. She lifted my spirits. And she gifted me with concrete suggestions of what to focus on to keep moving forward in a positive, alive way. I’m so happy to have experienced her wisdom and her skills. She has an abundance!”

~Carrie D., Freeport, ME

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