JUNE 2022:

Mayan Spirit Bath Ceremony & Retreat

Where the Natural World and the Ancient World Meet

Where: Avalon Acres, 167 Mansion Road, Hollis, Maine

Time & Date: Saturday, June 18th, 2022 from 10 AM- 5 PM  

Cost: $195 per participant; $100 deposit needed by JUNE 10th to hold spot 

Allow your WHOLE self to step into the elements of Water and Fire, to collide with the Spirits of Plant Medicine, to hold space with others on their path to healing and wholeness. As the ancient Mayans called on IxChel, the Goddess of fertility and plant medicine, shamanic practitioners Amy Chaney and Mary Katherine Spain invite you to join them in a day-long retreat of release, sacred witnessing, and spiritual alignment with the natural world and your holy temple: your BODY. 

What is Mayan Spirit Bathing? Spiritual bathing has roots in many cultures. We cleanse with water every day without a thought. The practice of Mayan Spiritual Bathing deepens our connection to Water and Plant. Prayer and words of gratitude are offered as we ask the water and plants to help heal and purge what ails us, thus cleansing our emotions, our bodies, and our spirits.  We call upon our teachers and the cultural deities of the Maya, honoring the primary deity IxChel. 

All you have to do is show up with your whole self.  Feel the love of the elements and plants as they do the work.  What words do you want to radiate from your soul? Love? Passion? Kindness? Willingness to receive the fruits of life? What are your personal goals you want to achieve? Bring your dreams and step into the cleansing power of water ritual amplified by the loving essence of flowers and plant medicine. 

Is this experience right for me at this time? This specially-designed ceremony is for you if 1)you are experiencing an awakening of spirit, inner guidance, or initiation, 2)you are reinventing yourself, your life or your devotional practice, 3)you desire to “let go” and “let Gaia” upgrade your spiritual circuit board, 4) you are craving a sacred experience in a safe, loving container with others on the path, 5)you have any affinity with Central American practice, mythology or ritual, or 6) you have a profound connection and reverence for flowers, water and the Earth; 7) you need a ‘game-changer’ 

What to Expect: You will learn the history of this ancient rite and its surrounding mythology, be guided to get clear on what it is you are ready to release, be asked to walk in nature and prayerfully harvest several flowers and/or plants which will be used in your own flower essence bath. You will also reflect on your own soul’s healing via your relationship with Mother Gaia and be witness to others’ healing experiences. You will receive energy work as facilitated by Amy and Mary Katheirne as they channel Earth Energies and participate in sacred fire ceremony

Since this ancient ceremony requires utmost reverence and intimacy, SPACE IS LIMITED in the number of participants Amy and Mary Katherine can accept (10 max). Please contact Mary Katherine ASAP to hold your spot if this event resonates with where you are on your journey: A link to remit a deposit as well as other instructions will then be sent to you 

Amy and Mary Katherine first met on a vision quest hosted by their beloved shamanic teacher, Dory Cote, in 2009.  Since then, they have studied together, played together, and healed together. This ceremony will take place at Avalon Acres in Hollis, Maine–the perfect setting for this divine experience with nature. You will be asked to bring a towel, bathing suit, journal, water bottle and lunch. It is suggested that you may want to fast the morning before. Once you have registered, additional instructions may be sent to you. 


The Body of Sovereignty 

The Work That Reconnects Event

Sunday, June 26, 2022 – 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Winthrop, ME

Hosted by Healing Hands Holistic Wellness  aka Sara Dostie and

Co – Facilitated by

 Kat Beaudoin, Hope Belief Trust & 

Mary Katherine Spain, Nine Pillars Healing

$25 Suggested Donation

The Work that Reconnects model invokes the 4 directions of the spiral of life (from roots to seed): Beginning with Gratitude, Honoring Pain, Seeing with New Eyes and Going Forth. 

Dori Midnight Spiral for Macy.PNG

Utilizing sharing, meditation and personal expression, questions like these will be explored:

  • In what ways did we feel sovereign in our youth?
  • What caused our feelings of sovereignty to be chipped away?  
  • How did we make ourselves smaller in order to fit in? 
  • What survival archetypes/personality traits did we resort to? 
  • What belief(s) did/do we hold that forbids the whole self from being expressed?
  • What is the difference between Power Over and Power With? Does the word ‘power’ hold triggers for you?  If so, what are they?
  • What feelings arise with the memories of losing our sovereignty?  
  • Today, how do we appreciate ourselves?
  • Today, what boundaries do we set to hold our sovereignty?
  • Today, how do we express Self Ownership?
  • Today, what affirmations do we use to solidify our Sovereignty?
  • What is our commitment to ourselves going forward?

Participants should bring a journal/pen, water bottle, bug dope, sun screen, hat (optional) and a pot luck dish to share for lunch.  Swimming will be available so bring a suit and towel if you wish.

**Space is limited as this event will be held at a private residence. If you are interested in attending, please contact either Kat Beaudoin ( or Mary Katherine Spain( to save your spot and register