(Already filling fast!)

Avalon Acres, Saturday, March 25th, 2023 

Jane E King is a talented, soulful and extremely skillful guide in Medicine Drum making. Attending one of her workshops is not just ending up with a drum THAT YOU MADE but experiencing her wisdom and her beautiful ceremony that honors the animal with which the hide is from. On March 25th, the power of Deer Medicine will be with us as we construct drums made from deer hides. 

Two aspects of Deer medicine are gentle power and fearless love. Can you imagine a drum made from these essences?! As Avalon is home to A LOT of deer, I feel this will be an extraordinary collective encounter with Spirit. Anyone can buy a drum on-line or even find one at a festival or fair. It is just not the same as making your own, as so much of your heart energy is poured into the construction. Come join us! 

Cost is $350; to register and receive a link to pay, please email me at ninepillarshealing@gmail.com 

Drumming my Bear Drum I made with Janee at East Point Trail in Biddeford Poole