Earth Day 2021: Connected by Earth | NASA


Let’s Celebrate! 

New Earth & the New You


The Retreat at Loon Pond 51 Loon Pond Lane Litchfield

04/22/23    1:00 – 5:30 p.m.

Fee: Sliding Scale $30-$60 per person

Join us for an afternoon of sharing our Gratitude, Honoring Our Pain, Exploring New Insights & Rededicating Ourselves to Expansion, Compassion and a Heart-filled Presence on this Planet.

This special afternoon is designed to engage all of our senses.  The Retreat at Loon Pond fills our eyes, ears and hearts with the sights and sounds of Gaia’s awakening!

Introspection, witnessing, movement, meditation and sound are  tools we will use to support grounding the new energies that are guiding our new selves. 

Kat Beaudoin, Hope, Belief, Trust and Mary Katherine Spain, 9 Pillars Healing, are workshop facilitators who work together regularly.  Both are trained in Reiki and Shamanism; Kat is trained in The Work that Reconnects by Joanna Macy and Mary Katherine is trained in Mirroring and Council. Melding these ingredients together with the Spirit of Gaia makes for an afternoon of enrichment and community designed to satisfy your soul. To register for this event: or or contact Kat at (207) 446-8099