• I am looking for 2 participants for Sunday, May 14th (Mother’s Day–a theme of mothering yourself will be explored) 
  • I am looking for 2 participants for Saturday May 27th 

This is a new adventure! As with any new skill, practice makes perfect. I am looking for a few folks to participate in an intentional nature immersion or “Wander.” This offering is a Donation-Only event and will be held at the magic kingdom of Avalon Acres. 

The day will include opening council, setting intentions and altar making, a 3-4-hour fasting Wander and closing council which will include participants sharing the story of their experience with soul-mirroring by Mary Katherine. Vegan, GF free lunch will be provided. 

Does your soul crave time alone, in nature, away from the world of distractions? Are you ready to listen to the stillness of your inner world, longing to hear your deepest truth? If the answer is yes, then this experience is for you. If you have never been mirrored before, it is one of the most transformational and healing experiences one can have! 

Let Mother Nature reveal the ‘story under the story’ for you!

Soul Immersion in Nature with the Wild Earth as YOUR mirror allows for different perceptions to emerge, for the unspoken passions and heart-hurts to be recognized and honored.  Settle in, settle down to listen to what speaks in the silence…

What will the Wander consist of? The best way to describe this experience is to say that in stillness, the ego quiets down and the soul pulls the curtain back. Without distractions and nowhere to be, other systems of intelligence answer rumblings you didn’t even know you were carrying. You remember you are part of Gaia’s family, that you are not separate from her plants, her animals, her air, her trees.

When we re-introduce ourselves to the fold of Nature, we recall our TRUE natures. 

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please email me to hold your spot! Or if you have curiosity but aren’t quite sure it’s for you, reach out via email! I am happy to answer any questions you might have about this sacred practice.

Let’s light the fires of Transformation!