On the Persian Rug Series

“It is time to gather your tribe” 

What is your soul trying to reveal to you? Are you a woman rising up to the occasion of shedding the old and proudly wearing the vestments of a seer, healer, teacher, path-maker, bard or other kind of mover-n-shaker? 

Do you crave the company of others who are dancing their inner light for all to see, unafraid, uninhibited, and very-much overdue? 

To speak your heart’s desires in a soulful, safe container with others who are setting little fires of bold love in their precious lives is much needed–and from what I have witnessed in my clients–much appreciated when the container is available. That’s why I have designed an opportunity twice a month for women to gather in such a way. 

Women in ancient times used to gather to do their work together–washing at the river, pounding wool, grinding corn, sewing and weaving. As they worked, they sang, they talked, they gave advice. In our current technological age where everyone is a broadcaster and memes with Kermit the Frog give us our daily “advice,” it is my belief that something deep inside us women is calling us back to sit together, to share and hear the stories of others. When one or more are gathered in a way that is meant to move us beyond the mundane world, the work of the heart is initiated…and the soul gets its needed floor time. 

On The Persian Rug Series will take place twice a month (the first Thursday evening of the month and the 3rd Saturday morning of the month) at my Portland office, 640 Brighton Ave (with the exception of April 6th*); in these circles we will: 

  • Have council to share stories and witness others
  • Guided meditation if the circle falls near a holiday
  • Witness triumphs, lessons learned, and downloads
  • Do energy work for anyone needing a healing boost (*although you do NOT need to be an energy worker to attend) 
  • On occasion, Tarot or Oracle readings 

The dates for our circles are as follows: 

__Thursday, Feb 2nd 5:30 PM- 7 PM (IMBOLC! Guided meditation to Brigid) 

__Saturday, Feb 18th 10:30- 12 Noon (New moon Ritual) 

__Thursday, March 2nd 5:30 PM-7 PM (Intention setting for Sacred Discernment) 

__Saturday, March 18th 10:30 AM- 12 NOON (Spring Equinox!) 

__Thursday, April 6th AT AVALON! (Drum Circle and Fire under the FULL MOON! Arrive by 6 PM, end time “until”) 

__Saturday, April 22nd  10:30 AM-12 NOON (*this is actually the 4th Sat of the month; Earth Day and guided journey to GAIA!) 

COST: Suggested Donation $10-$20 [if you need a spiritual boost and cannot afford this sliding scale, please contact me directly & ask about a trade] 

RSVP: is Required! Please RSVP as space is limited (6-7 ppl)  at my Portland office. We will sit, well, ON THE PERSIAN RUG! So please bring a back-jack, comfy cushion, pillow or yoga bolster. Tea will be served upon arrival and an altar will be set. 

**Sending your PayPal or Venmo donation saves your spot; if you plan on attending, please remit at least 48 hours in advance. Keep these dates with descriptions handy and do reach out with any questions! ninepillarshealing@gmail.com or (207) 939-6863 

Our first circle on 02/02 will be IMBOLC! How exciting to commence this series with Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of Healing, Hearth & Home, Smithcraft and Poetry…

Hope to see you in circle! 

My Portland Office, 640 Brighton Ave, Portland ME