Faery Fire Festival Sleepover

Saturday, June 17th–Sunday June 18th at Avalon Acres

Bring your tent, your drum and your body paint! ALL ARE WELCOME!

If you are looking for an extended time in nature, celebrating your BODY and stoking the fires of transformation through sacred movement, SIGN UP NOW for this special event!

This is a “Time out of Time” event which asks you to leave the work-a-day world behind, to enter the Isle of Avalon for a day and night of merry-making, dancing and drumming, creative expression, energy work, and more!

A PEEP at some of the MAGIC-MAKING we have in store for you:

__Faery Spirit Bathing and an introduction to the Elemental Realm

__Making Faery Bundles and offering the gift to the Faeries on a Darkness Walk

__Fire Ceremony and “Dancing your Faery Name Alive” or, AKA “More Glitter Please!”

__Amulet Making with ancient stones from Belize

__Celtic Story-telling around the Fire [“How the Faeries Arrived on Monhegan Island”]

__New Moon Guided Meditation: Meet the New Moon in Cancer on Sunday morning

__New Moon Intentions blown into “Faery Dust” and placed in Faery boats we’ll launch along the Stony Brook

This event will be co-hosted by Mary Katherine and Amylia Jayne, a fellow shamanic practitioner, body worker and ceremonialist. Mary Katherine and Amylia have been practicing playful rites, conducting shamanic circles and creating magic together since they first met on a vision quest in September 2009.


__ARRIVE on Saturday June 17th at 9 AM to set up tent; opening ceremony at 9:30 AM

__This is a “leave your cell phone in your car” type of event and we will be camping on the sacred land of Avalon. Bring your tent, camping gear or simply sleep out under the stars.

__We will have a shared POT-LUCK meal on Saturday night; for other meals, you’ll be on your own so bring a bagged lunch for Saturday, some snacks and a breakfast for Sunday. There will be a Magic Faery Cake served with dinner on Saturday

__Closing Ceremony at 12 NOON on Sunday, June 18th

__Cost: $200; remit payment via Payal or Venmo BEFORE JUNE 10th, 2023 to hold your spot!

__For questions or clarifications, please email Mary Katherine: ninepillarshealing@gmail.com or call: 207-939-6863