The Great Remembering

Who will you proclaim to be for the New Earth?

Stand Tall and Be Seen

6 Weeks, starting Thursday, 10/20/22

Class dates: (*note: some are Wednesday nights, some are Thursdays!): Thurs 10/20; Thurs 10/27; Wed 11/02; Wed 11/09; Wed 11/16; Thurs 12/01

Time: 7 PM-8:15 PM, via Zoom 

Cost: $75 (includes one-on-one integration and mirroring session with Mary Katherine, held privately either in-person or on Zoom to be scheduled anytime after our final class); payment through PayPal or Venmo preferable 

DESCRIPTION: Are you ready to bring your best gifts into the world? Are you tired of taking in and taking on the opinion and judgements of others? Are you hungry for the confidence and support you need to TAKE UP SPACE in a way that feels purposeful, meaningful? 

Has your Spiritual Guidance and Dedication deepened in the past few years? Are you wondering how you can build the “connection bridge” from your soul’s blueprint into the material world, where it can do some good? 

This world is silently begging you to lift your torch higher, to sing your song louder, to be seen, witnessed and heard.

My inspiration for this class came from one of my mentors, who reminded the folks taking her Zoom offering that day: “It is time for us to bridge our spiritual work into the planet and into our environments.” This nugget of wisdom stuck in my soul–the way Truth does when you know it is TRUE FOR YOU. 

It is time! Do you agree? I’m curious what the call to be seen as an individual light-worker AND collective group of lightworkers looks like, as the Me-First era sizzles in the rearview (thank goodness).

We are building the EarthGrid anew, and you came here to play YOUR PART. 

The FLOW and FOCUS of this class is as follows: 

Thursday, Oct 20th:  We Are The Transition Team~The Great Reveal  

Thursday, Oct 27th: Introvert’s Victory Song & Other Ways to Metabolize Fear

Wednesday, Nov 2nd: NNN: Non-Negotiable Needs and Action-Step Integrity 

Wednesday, Nov 9th: Transform It or Hold the Wound: How to be Empowered by Your Choices

Wednesday, Nov 16th: No One May Follow…Go Anyway 

****(Skipping Thanksgiving Week; You may have some homework) 

Thursday, Dec 1st: The Great Remembering: Taking Up Space from the Inside Out 


__Good Wifi as we will use Zoom for our sacred space 

__Know how to take a shamanic journey or as the Celts call it, a “soul flight.” (Most of your insight will come from your team of spiritual allies; Mary Katherine will teach anyone how to journey prior to the 1st class)

Questions? Contact Me! 

Ready to Sign up? Great! Remitting $75 to either platform registers you! 



**Please note: in my Spring offering “Click My Heals,” I allowed ‘pay-as-you-go’ ; however I am looking for commitment to build the trust among participants and ensure integrity of the class atmosphere. If you need to miss a class, there will be a recording of all classes