What Is Enlightened Energy Work?

In short, it is a term I use that captures the kind of healing work I do.

When I first started practicing healing work in 2013, I noticed how many messages I was receiving from Spirit on the client’s behalf. After a very gifted psychic and healer told me that my “real healing gift” was my ability “to communicate deep insight,” I realized I needed to re-define my work and the services I was offered.

I draw on my reiki training as well as years of shamanic skills to initiate a conversation with a client’s body and their spirit. Often times, our bodies become a “catch-all” for spiritual and emotional unrest. This can show up as blocked energy that we experience physically, self-limiting beliefs that have taken hold in the energetic field or other psychic distortions.

After several minutes of relaxing reiki, my inner guidance and intuition show me where a client’s energy is not flowing well or where their “inner light” is faint. I may be called to a particular part of the body that is holding the blocked energy. My power animals or other spirit guides may assist in this healing transmission. Once the energy transmission is complete, I formulate the messages provided by spirit and convey them to the client in a way that is easily received and understood. This could be as simple as ‘you seem to be low on Vitamin D’ or as complex as a lingering past-life belief that no longer serves the client in this lifetime. These messages “enlighten” the client by reminding them of their own wisdom and the intelligence of their bodies.


In this way, I am a translation service for what a client’s spirit and soul need for them to hear for their highest good.

In our modern world of busy-ness, technology and frenetic tendencies, it is important and even critical to take the time to listen to what the deeper currents of soul and spirit have to say to us. I see the healing services I offer as a time-out-of-time respite for the client to unhook from their usual alpha state and return to a peaceful and balanced state of mind. In the post-session consultation, I speak to the client about ways they can integrate the insightful messages their soul has passed on to them. We may even devise a ritual or ceremony for honoring a particular aspect of their healing path so that new patterns and ways of being can take root.

This is when the real healing happens: how a client decides—in their own unique way—to honor, integrate and celebrate the changes their soul is beckoning them to explore.